(Deutsch) 5 jahre reisen macht den kopf frei

‘Why go somewhere far when the good is so close?’ is a well known German saying.
The result of linking this sentence with techno is what you will experience on the first weekend in June this year. For the fourth time in a row, we are happy to present the „Reisen macht den Kopf frei“(’Travelling frees your mind’)- Festival in Berlin.
In this case, ‘travelling’ doesn’t necessarily mean changing your location for the purpose of relaxation and inspiration, but being free of ballast, of time, pressure and the imposed rules of how to behave.
If you come on this journey with us on that weekend, you will be treated with the finest of house and techno music played by international, national and local DJs, Liveacts and musicians.
Adding a further feeling of voyage to your trip, you will find the location decorated and lightened up by our experienced artists who will create the first raver-museum in history, as well as a system for sending postcards from the festival to whoever you want, you will get to taste the delicious mexican food of „La Pulqueria“and to hang out at the beach or in one of the tents…
At nighttime we leave our outdoor-location and travel all together to the Sisyphos-Club, just some hundreds meters away.
After partying there, in the morning we leave again and take a trip back to our
And at some point for sure, you will ask yourself where you actually are at the moment, how you got there and where this journey might end up…

Bon voyage!